Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall Equinox and Counting Down...

Hi there everyone, mundane and magickal alike:

Today is the first day in September and my what Fall weather were we met with here in Colorado. My husband and I woke up to a cloudy, cool and gloomy morning, that made me smile! To me it signaled the first signs that Fall is quickly approaching and Winter will soon be on its heels.

We made good work of our time today, and cleared the garden of plants and debris in preparation for the fall/winter dormancy period. Thanking the plants for their harvests through out the season, we removed diseased and older plants that had served their purpose.

I was able to gather some sage, thyme and mint and put together some herb bundles to dry this week for future use in rituals, incense and in my kitchen magic. It was very calming to sit at the kitchen table, with all my tools, herbs and materials needed, while staring out at the garden.

This month we celebrate the Fall Equinox, followed by Samhain. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year. I tend to rededicate myself to the Craft and becoming immersed in books, blogs, and meditations to help guide my next step. With the Fall Equinox, we celebrate the second of the Harvest festivals- altars are covered with signs of fall leaves, vines, berries and grapes; we start to see squashes, concord grapes, pumpkins and cranberries in the stores and farmers' markets locally.

This year I'm planning on spending more time celebrating and honoring the Sabbats through out the year. I've been making more time for me and it's really helping make a difference. I feel calmer and relaxing- ready to take on anything the Universe is going to throw at me!

I've added a countdown clock for Halloween (or Samhain)--- can't wait to put up the decorations around the house!!

Until next time....Blessed Be!

Mile High Witch aka Mrs. W

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Moon Blessings!

Hello again magical friends!!

It's been some time since I've posted, but what a time it has been. I've really been focusing on excelling at my new job, spending time with friends and family, and of course spending time with my husband and dogs.

We've spent the summer putting all our energy into our backyard garden, and my the harvests we've seen already!! Everything has been great and we're already planning to expand and re-do the garden plot based on what we've learned this summer.

I'm re-dedicating myself to my magical studies again, as I seem to get really into then burn out fairly quickly. I think I've always tried to 'learn too much' all at once. So right now, I'm focusing on the basics again and really mastering the fundamentals. I'm working on spending time studying a little bit everyday, as it's important to me to spend time daily doing something that I enjoy.....not just helping the hubs with his interests.... need to take time for me too, and that gets forgotten it all the crazy that can be the mundane world....

This is a short post today....but with it being the New Moon, I'm going to make it a point to post every few weeks at the least...maybe every week. I hope this New Moon brings new blessings to you and yours and that the Elements and the Gods and Goddesses bless every day as you walk through life...

Blessed be!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is in the Air....

Hi there Witchy World....

The blizzard is over and the sun finally started to peek out today! We got close to a foot of snow in about 48 hours, so it was a lazy weekend. It seems there are some rogue flakes falling right now, but the sun is still shining! I love when it does that...

I ordered some books that I've had my eye on recently and cannot wait to get them!

My husband and I are avid growers of vegetables, fruits, and herbs and sat down the other night to plan our outdoor garden. Typically, we grow indoors, as Colorado has a short growing season, but this year we are really going all out with our outdoor plot. We started a large amount of seeds, so that by the time the chance of frost is over, our little guys are ready to go into the fresh earth.

Spring transitioning into Summer is absolutely my favorite time of year, and I can feel the excitement growing each day the further in the Spring we get...

I hope this finds all of you well and looking forward to the coming season....

Blessed Be!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More than a year....

Well, I find myself posting again after more than a year of being 'distracted' if you will. I don't feel bad about it, as it felt necessary. Sometimes, you just have to live life and deal with it before you can reach the place where you have some time to yourself again.

I've learned more about myself and my relationships with various people over the last year and feel that it will benefit me in the long run. It's time to refocus and regroup. It's the perfect time of year, Ostara or Spring Equinox, the time of new beginnings. Spring is just ramping up and soon seeds will be sprouting and the world around us will be coming to life.

I can't think of a better time than now to get back into 'me'.....

Mrs. W

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pause then Rewind....

Hi again!! It's been a bit since I've last posted. Work has been keeping me busy and tired all at the same time, and my husband has been working odd hours compared my schedule so it's been tough trying to spend time together. So, unfortunately my posting has severely lacked, but I'm still here!! I kind of just wanted to post a quick update since  my last post. I did finally get my books I had been waiting for (I actually just ordered some more today!) and have definitely enjoyed starting to delve into them.

Then I went through a period last week where I was getting slightly overwhelmed with all the material I was absorbing and trying to figure out: well, what exactly is my path going to look like? I have a feeling this question and those similar cross a young witch's (or Wiccan/Pagan/whatever you refer to yourself) mind quite often and possibly many times in the length of time they are on their path. So, I stopped and took a few steps back. I thought of what I really wanted to get out of my path and my spirituality and what that would look like for ME. For a long time, I've always done things for others, in their ways, to their liking and finally I have something that is truly ME and MY doing.

I have so many interests in different areas from spell work to crystals, herbs, tarot, divination, spirit work...the list really goes on and on from there and I'm sure will continue to grow as I continue to learn. I found myself wanting to take in information from every aspect, but I soon wore myself out trying to keep up. I sat with myself one day, lit a candle and burned some of my favorite incense and thought of what would be the best thing to start with. I came up with not one of those items mentioned above, but something more important that once is mastered, will lead to all the things above and more. I felt I really need to work on my mediation and visualization skills. I'm the person who can never quite turn their head off, and if I want to be successful in my magick, I need to be able to be successful in getting to that state that allows me to be.

So, I've rewound myself and have started to focus strictly on my mediation, visualization, and being able to get myself to that subconcious state that is needed to be successful in magick and on this path. I'm still reading my many books, gaining knowlege, and taking notes for my eventual Book of Shadows, but I'm also taking my time with the basics and fundamentals of what I feel is important to me. What is right for me is right....because it's right for me!

Blessed Be!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Beautiful Day!!

Hello friends, if you are out there today, it's me again :) As I'm sitting waiting for eyes to adjust back to normal (eye doctor visit today) I thought I would put together a quick post. I'm still waiting for my books to arrive via mail, but I'm so excited to re-dedicate myself to my studies. I keep listening for a delivery truck but I have a sneaking feeling that they aren't quite ready to make their appearance.

Something you guys may not know is that I have a garden down in my basement! Here in Colorado we have quite the short growing season and my husband and I have a commitment to healthy eating and making good, healthy choices for our bodies and our family. This morning I was able to harvest our first baby greens for a salad and a few bok choy leaves that were weighing down the plant. We also have an edamame plant, red chard and a cherry tomato variety. I will post a few pictures soon when some of the plants get a little larger and the greens make a come back from their morning harvest.

Working in our little garden, even if it is indoors for the time being because of geographical location, I still find something very calming and satisfying that is involved with helping these little plants germinate from seed. You get to be involved in every little process. I think this is something I need to further reflect on in my life. Maybe it would be a good topic for a meditation today?

Well, that's it for today, next time I write hopefully my new books have arrived!! I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day! Blessed Be!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time has passed....quickly!

Hi everyone! It's been quite sometime since I have posted, my apologies. Life seems to have a way of getting a bit overbearing and taking up more of my time! Things have finally seemed to have settled a bit as I get comfortable in my new job and juggling all the housework and spending time with the husband. As a result, I didn't leave myself time to work on me and my magic and have found that I need to come back to it. I feel like a piece of me missing and I feel those negative, dark, thoughts and feeling creeping back into my subconcious. I had been doing so well changing my outlook on life and I believe my concentration on magic and exploring myself truly was helping with this. Some of my books I have downloaded onto my e-reader, but have found that I wish to have about 2 or 3 books in paper form. There's just something about being able to physically handle a type of book. It feels more powerful to me. This week I will go out and get these books and some supplies that I will need early on. I plan to re-dedicate myself to the craft and to my path this week and get back on track with my spiritual exploration.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Yule season and that 2012 is treating you well so far! Blessed be!