Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall Equinox and Counting Down...

Hi there everyone, mundane and magickal alike:

Today is the first day in September and my what Fall weather were we met with here in Colorado. My husband and I woke up to a cloudy, cool and gloomy morning, that made me smile! To me it signaled the first signs that Fall is quickly approaching and Winter will soon be on its heels.

We made good work of our time today, and cleared the garden of plants and debris in preparation for the fall/winter dormancy period. Thanking the plants for their harvests through out the season, we removed diseased and older plants that had served their purpose.

I was able to gather some sage, thyme and mint and put together some herb bundles to dry this week for future use in rituals, incense and in my kitchen magic. It was very calming to sit at the kitchen table, with all my tools, herbs and materials needed, while staring out at the garden.

This month we celebrate the Fall Equinox, followed by Samhain. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year. I tend to rededicate myself to the Craft and becoming immersed in books, blogs, and meditations to help guide my next step. With the Fall Equinox, we celebrate the second of the Harvest festivals- altars are covered with signs of fall leaves, vines, berries and grapes; we start to see squashes, concord grapes, pumpkins and cranberries in the stores and farmers' markets locally.

This year I'm planning on spending more time celebrating and honoring the Sabbats through out the year. I've been making more time for me and it's really helping make a difference. I feel calmer and relaxing- ready to take on anything the Universe is going to throw at me!

I've added a countdown clock for Halloween (or Samhain)--- can't wait to put up the decorations around the house!!

Until next time....Blessed Be!

Mile High Witch aka Mrs. W

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