Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Witches Tea Party Post

Hello again to all, and my apologies for being so late in posting for the Witches Tea Party. Some of you have created some beautiful things, and I have tons of inspiration moving forward for more parties! This year I am unable to put together something grand that I feel in my heart is suitable, but I'm sure most of you understand.

As I sit sipping on a special brew these few days before Halloween, I think of those I have lost in the last few years, as well as those of my husbands family. I think of happy memories from when they walked this Earth, and I hope I can hear their messages from beyond in the coming years. Since recently coming into my own on this path, it has at times felt strange but all at the same time I feel as if I'm home.

Today I drink to those on the other side of the veil, may you travel tonight through the next few days and communicate to those you wish. I take this time to remember and celebrate our ancestors and any trials they may have undergone and wish them peace in their afterlife. Today I feel a different connection with Samhain/Halloween whichever you prefer to call it. I'm eager to explore these connections further. I drink of my special brew that is freshly made to celebrate those around us, and their memories. I ask for blessings to stay strong in my path and continue my study, even when it seems the modern world is against it at all costs. I wish all of you the best and thank you for reading my first Tea Party post :)

Blessed Be! :)