Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pause then Rewind....

Hi again!! It's been a bit since I've last posted. Work has been keeping me busy and tired all at the same time, and my husband has been working odd hours compared my schedule so it's been tough trying to spend time together. So, unfortunately my posting has severely lacked, but I'm still here!! I kind of just wanted to post a quick update since  my last post. I did finally get my books I had been waiting for (I actually just ordered some more today!) and have definitely enjoyed starting to delve into them.

Then I went through a period last week where I was getting slightly overwhelmed with all the material I was absorbing and trying to figure out: well, what exactly is my path going to look like? I have a feeling this question and those similar cross a young witch's (or Wiccan/Pagan/whatever you refer to yourself) mind quite often and possibly many times in the length of time they are on their path. So, I stopped and took a few steps back. I thought of what I really wanted to get out of my path and my spirituality and what that would look like for ME. For a long time, I've always done things for others, in their ways, to their liking and finally I have something that is truly ME and MY doing.

I have so many interests in different areas from spell work to crystals, herbs, tarot, divination, spirit work...the list really goes on and on from there and I'm sure will continue to grow as I continue to learn. I found myself wanting to take in information from every aspect, but I soon wore myself out trying to keep up. I sat with myself one day, lit a candle and burned some of my favorite incense and thought of what would be the best thing to start with. I came up with not one of those items mentioned above, but something more important that once is mastered, will lead to all the things above and more. I felt I really need to work on my mediation and visualization skills. I'm the person who can never quite turn their head off, and if I want to be successful in my magick, I need to be able to be successful in getting to that state that allows me to be.

So, I've rewound myself and have started to focus strictly on my mediation, visualization, and being able to get myself to that subconcious state that is needed to be successful in magick and on this path. I'm still reading my many books, gaining knowlege, and taking notes for my eventual Book of Shadows, but I'm also taking my time with the basics and fundamentals of what I feel is important to me. What is right for me is right....because it's right for me!

Blessed Be!!