Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Beautiful Day!!

Hello friends, if you are out there today, it's me again :) As I'm sitting waiting for eyes to adjust back to normal (eye doctor visit today) I thought I would put together a quick post. I'm still waiting for my books to arrive via mail, but I'm so excited to re-dedicate myself to my studies. I keep listening for a delivery truck but I have a sneaking feeling that they aren't quite ready to make their appearance.

Something you guys may not know is that I have a garden down in my basement! Here in Colorado we have quite the short growing season and my husband and I have a commitment to healthy eating and making good, healthy choices for our bodies and our family. This morning I was able to harvest our first baby greens for a salad and a few bok choy leaves that were weighing down the plant. We also have an edamame plant, red chard and a cherry tomato variety. I will post a few pictures soon when some of the plants get a little larger and the greens make a come back from their morning harvest.

Working in our little garden, even if it is indoors for the time being because of geographical location, I still find something very calming and satisfying that is involved with helping these little plants germinate from seed. You get to be involved in every little process. I think this is something I need to further reflect on in my life. Maybe it would be a good topic for a meditation today?

Well, that's it for today, next time I write hopefully my new books have arrived!! I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day! Blessed Be!

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  1. Sounds extra delish...I love fresh produce...certainly beats cold store foods from the supermarket...♥